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Family Law Mediation services in Indiana

trainBridge_parkFamily Law Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution tool. It is a useful tool that, if successful, can keep the parties out of court, save the parties the costs associated with extensive investigation (commonly referred to as “discovery”) and resolve disputes in a quick, more efficient way. Most importantly, it allows the parties to agree to what is in the Court’s Order regarding the issues versus having a judge decide the same after only a limited court appearance and limited information.

The parties take control of their lives and the lives of their children rather than a Judge deciding their fate. Finally, mediation is confidential. Courtroom proceedings are a predominantly public forum. This public forum means that information regarding your family, your lifestyle, your finances and your disagreements are very likely open to public access. It also means that the things you say may later be revealed to others, including your children. Mediation is a closed door confidential proceeding.

The parties take control the situation by negotiation and communication in a neutral setting to craft the order for the court. Mediation sometimes even can disengage parties who are in conflict whereas a court proceeding inevitably causes long-term damage to the already difficult custody and parenting time issues.

Mediation gives the parties the ability to take control of the situation quickly, privately and without the costly and emotionally charged court proceedings.

*Marcy Groves is a licensed mediator and is only licensed in Indiana.

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